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The latest 2022 edition of the ""ILLUSTRATION"" series
The cover illustration is by Kotou Tsumi, who works on YOASOBI and others.

This work ""ILLUSTRATION 2022"" is the latest version of the best-selling ""ILLUSTRATION"" series.
From a wide variety of pop culture to ever-changing internet culture
150 talented artists who cross the Japanese illustration scene that attracts the world's attention are posted.
More than 90% of the authors have been newly replaced from the previous book ""ILLUSTRATION 2021"".
You can touch the cutting edge of contemporary illustration.

The 2022 cover will be decorated with YOASOBI's key visuals.
Cotoh Tsumi, an illustrator who is currently attracting the most attention.
Book design is handled by Tomoyuki Arima, an up-and-coming designer trusted by many writers

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