How Not To Diet : The Groundbreaking Science of Healthy, Permanent Weight Loss (PAP)

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How Not To Diet : The Groundbreaking Science of Healthy, Permanent Weight Loss
by Michael Greger (Author)
Format:Paperback / softback 608 pages
Publisher:Pan Macmillan
Published:7 Jan 2021
Classifications:Dietetics & nutrition, Popular medicine & health, Diets & dieting, Vegetarian cookery
Readership:General (US: Trade)
Dimensions:132 x 197 x 48 (mm)
Pub. Country:United Kingdom
For sale in: Indonesia, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, Germany, (See full list)
'How Not to Diet is for those who want the facts, not your typical fantasy, filler or fluff.' - TelegraphPut an end to dieting and replace weight loss struggles with this easy approach to a healthy, plant-based lifestyle, from the bestselling author of How Not to Die. Every month seems to bring a trendy new diet or weight-loss fad - but they aren't making us happier or healthier as obesity rates continue to rise alongside a number of diseases and health problems. It's time for a different approach.

How Not to Diet is a treasure trove of buried data and cutting-edge dietary research that Dr Michael Greger has translated into accessible, actionable advice with exciting tools and tricks that will help you to eliminate unwanted body fat - for good. Dr Greger, renowned nutrition expert and founder of, explores the many causes of obesity - from our genes to the portions on our plate to other environmental factors - and the many consequences, from diabetes to cancer to mental health issues. From there, Dr Greger breaks down a variety of approaches to weight loss, honing in on the optimal criteria that enable success, including: a diet high in fibre and water, a diet low in fat, salt, and sugar, and diet full of anti-inflammatory foods.

How Not to Diet goes beyond food to identify twenty-one weight loss accelerators available to us in our body's systems, incorporating the latest discoveries in cutting-edge areas like chronobiology to reveal the factors that maximize our natural fat-burning capabilities. This is the ultimate weight-loss guide, taking a timeless, proactive approach that can stand up to any new trend.

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