The Flour Craft Bakery and Cafe Cookbook : Inspired Gluten Free Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Tea, and Celebrations

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The Flour Craft Bakery and Cafe Cookbook empowers readers with simple and approachable recipes for mouth-watering cakes and cookies, pastry and savoury bakes, everyday treats and holiday centrepieces, plus fresh salads and soups all naturally gluten free. 75+ recipes cover breakfast, brunch, lunch, teatime, and dessert, from coffee cakes to focaccia, scones to tartines. Heather Hardcastle combines alternative flours including rice, millet, nut flours, and starches to achieve a perfect crumb and oven-fresh texture. Flour Craft breaks down the process in an approachable way, teaching readers how to combine a few key flours in the correct proportions to yield excellent results every time. The cornerstones of the book are the Master Recipes, classics of baking to be practiced and adapted. The full Flour Craft experience is brought to life for the reader with a glossary of ingredients and terms curated to build confidence for bakers of all skill levels.

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