Dr. Earl Mindell's Probiotic Bible : Learn how healthy bacteria can help your body absorb nutrients, enhance your immune system, and prevent and treat diseases.

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To the surprise of many people, several pounds of good bacteria populate our digestive tract, help us maintain normal digestion, and protect us against stomach flus, candida overgrowth, and many other types of infection. Probiotics have also proven to improve gut health symptoms and anxiety and promote GI health in physically active adults.

In this newly revised and updated concise book, internationally recognized nutrition expert, Dr. Earl Mindell explains the many health benefits of probiotics and how to use them to enhance health. This updated edition includes new research into probiotic benefits including information on how daily probiotics may reduce childrens' needs for antibiotics, how probiotics may reduce annual antibiotic prescriptions, studies on the effects of gut microbione alterations in Alzheimer's disease and much more!

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