Coffee, Complete Book of : The definitive guide to coffee, from simple bean to irresistible beverage, with 70 coffee recipes

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There is nothing quite as pleasurable as a well-made, hot, aromatic cup of coffee. This book explores all aspects of coffee and coffee use, with clear, informative text and beautiful photographs throughout. It includes a fascinating discussion on the history of coffee drinking around the world, and an overview of all the roasts, grinds and blends available. It explains how to make the best-known coffee drinks, such as espresso and granita, and includes over 70 coffee recipes, such as Tiramisu, Coffee Coeurs a la Cre me, Mocha Sponge Cake and Cappuccino Torte. With over 750 glorious photographs, fascinating text and enticing recipes for all occasions, this is the book for every coffee-lover.

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