The 100 Best Curries for Your Instant Pot : The Most Delicious, Authentic Indian Recipes Made Easy

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Fire up your Instant Pot (R) and cook the best curries in the world with Hina Gujral, Instant Pot pro and creator of Fun FOOD Frolic. With this masterful collection of 100 delicious curries - from comforting classics to reimagined meals - you can explore all the diverse flavour profiles of Indian cuisine. And best of all, the Instant Pot makes these recipes accessible to everyone, bringing you the authentic Indian flavours you know and love without hours of simmering.

Hina has carefully curated the all-time tastiest, most essential curries around - if you're going to cook any curry recipe, you'll want it to be one of these. Whip up a creamy, restaurant-style Butter Chicken or a Garlicky Butternut Squash Dal for dinner. Or if you're hungry for something new-school, try out a flavour fusion like Parsi-Style Chicken and Apricot Curry. And there's plenty of vegetarian meals too - from South Indian - Style Pineapple Curry to Kale Mushroom Matar Malai, you're guaranteed to find something special for every appetite.

Whether you're looking for a quick and easy weeknight meal or just need an excuse to break out your Instant Pot, these 100 comforting recipes will have you craving curry for every meal.

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